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Pooka Pages Magazine

Imbolg Issue



Published just prior to each sabbat and FREE to download, print out and share, Pooka Pages Magazine contains original stories, artwork, coloring pages, herbal lore, crafts, recipes, spells and magic especially for kids. 


The Storybook Chair

The first original stories featuring the little witch, Elsie, and her cat, Pooka.

  The Elsie & Pooka's 4 seasonal books are all available now in various countries on Amazon. 

Each book contains Pooka stories, recipes, crafts, herbal lore and magic all centered around that season's sabbats.


Sabbat Crafts and other fun Pagan Activities

Kitchen Witch
Recipes for the Sabbats that 
even the smallest chefs can help make

A Little Witchling's 
Book of Shadows

Spells & Rituals for Children


Esbats for Kids
Full Moon Fun

 Herb Garden

for budding herbalists

Pooka's Coloring Book

Pagan pictures for you 
to print out and color 






 Pooka's Pagan Fun & Games 

On the Drawing Board

Pictures of Elsie & Pooka
as well as some of Lora's
artwork for Grownups.

Pooka's little brother's humorous blog 
for older kids and grownups:

Grimalkin's Diary of a Familiar-in-Training

Elsie & Pooka's Village Market
is temporarily 
for re-modeling

A nice place to shop for paper dolls, , coloring books and other  Elsie & Pooka Stuff .

Pooka's Photo Album

Pictures of Pooka and his friends...

Talk to Pooka...

Pooka loves hearing from his friends!


(Pooka's Orders: Letters from kids get Top Priority!)

Back by popular demand:  Lora's old web pages for GROWNUP WITCHES.  
There's a bit of magic in every room...


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