Beltain Crafts & Activities
for Young Pagans


    May Crowns

One of the customs of Beltane celebrations is to crown a young girl as the “May Queen” and a young boy as “May King”.  The girls’ crowns would have flowers and the boys’ crowns would have  all sorts of greenery. You can make a crown to wear out of things growing in your garden or that you collect in the wild or at the park. 

Just start with an old clothes hanger (the metal kind).  You’ll have to have strong hands or a grown-up to help cut the ends off with wire cutters.  Then, with a pair of pliers, bend the ends around into loops.   Have one end hook through the other to make a circle that fits your head.

Next, using floral tape or masking tape (you might want to spray paint that green first) attach little bundles (about 3 or 4 inches long) of flowers and greenery you’ve collected to the wire.  Start at one end, and overlapping the bundles, work your way around til the whole wire is covered. 

When you’re done, you can add long ribbon streamers to hang down your back. (Yellow and green ribbons work well for boys.)  Tie little bells to the ends of the ribbon and POOF  you’re all decked out for Beltane!


Lavender Fairy Wands

“Elf Leaf” is another name for Lavender and, if you have this plant growing in your garden or know someone else who does, you can make a special magic wand from it.

Start with an odd number (7 is good) of fresh lavender stalks with the buds just starting to open.  The longer the stem the better! Line up the bottom buds and take a long piece of ¼ inch satin ribbon (about 2 feet) and tie them together just below the bottom buds.

Carefully, so you don't break them, bring the stems down over the ribbon knot and flower buds.  Tuck in the small end of the ribbon and pull out the long end. 

Going clockwise start weaving over and under.  Tuck the buds in as you go.  You will want to weave them very tightly since the lavender will shrink as it dries.  Sometimes a crochet hook will help you reach between the stems to grab the ribbon.

Continue to weave over and under down the stems until you have woven over all of the buds and then at least one more round.

Finally tie the ribbon off in a knot and trim the ends of the stems so they are even.  At this point, you can cut the rest of the ribbon off or you can leave it dangling and add more lengths of ribbon to make streamers. 

Now, use your wand to bless your garden, your pets and family.  (oh, yes - and don't forget your Self!)

A Beltain Picture
for You to Color...

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