A few illustrations from various "Pooka" stories

"Through the window, the full moon shown upon Aunt Tilly’s altar.  Her grey head was bent over the wheat weavings that her nimble fingers created and she hummed a strange tune as she worked…. "


Imbolc Candles
Imbolc 2008 issue of Pooka's Sandbox

'...A short while later, Elsie bustled back into the parlor.  “Blessed Be!” she exclaimed.  “What’s this?”

On the warm hearth lay the candles she’d hung - all melted and molded together into one glorious glop - their little wicks poking out at one end like porcupine quills.

“We made one big candle,” said Pooka proudly....'




From "A Fairy Merry Yuletide"...

"....he wasn't ready for the wonderful evening to end."

Little Thistle was at the window.  "Come on," she said.  "Let's go!"

The Yule sun rose and the whole forest rejoiced.  All, that is, except for a certain little black kitten...Pooka was fast asleep!"


from "May Baskets"...


He forgot to whisper.  With his tummy growling, he also forgot that what they were doing was supposed to be a Big Secret.  Pooka smelled pancakes! 

“A May Basket?” they heard her mutter.  She plucked it from the door and gazed down at it for several long moments.  “Well, I never…. Who would… Where did it come from?”   She even went to the edge of her porch and looked around.   “Who’s there?” she demanded in a loud voice. 


from "Gone Fishing"

"...Pooka crawled out onto a rock to watch for passing fish.  Then they waited.
Pooka rested his chin between his paws on the rock.  Nathan  leaned his back against a tree.  They waited some more.
“You can’t be in a hurry when you’re fishing,” said Nathan.
Pooka looked at him.  “Right.”
“It’s all about being patient,” said Nathan.
“Right,” said Pooka.

They went back to  waiting."

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