(and then Stickers)

This year's baby crow rescue has to be a girl!  Although younger than Edgar was when I got him, she's miles ahead in development. *smile*
I've named her Macha (after the Irish Goddess) and am taking great care not to let her socialize and make friends with any animals (like dogs or other humans) that may some day be her enemies. Once again, a child's wading pool makes a great "nest".
Macha is already practicing short flights around the herb room.  Below, she's getting ready to take off.  This is a process that requires much thought, a great deal of wiggling about and getting herself in position....

....Here she is in mid-flight.

Not all landings are successful ones 
and she often has to be rescued.  
Her favorite destination is my broom....


Macha was soon joined by Stickers...

Stickers basically "admitted" himself into this Rehab Center for baby crows.  He hopped up the stairs to my back door (located on the 2nd story of the house since we live on a hill)  There he stood and cawed at us through the screen until we came out.  

 It's normal for young crows, upon first leaving the nest, to spend a few days on the ground until they "get their wings".  However, this period also is among the most dangerous for them since they're vulnerable to all sorts of predators (and generally too stupid to stay out of the road!)  This was the case with Stickers.

After a week in "Rehab", Stickers was flying (and landing!) well enough to be released back to his parents.  For the first day, we kept an anxious eye on him but, by the second day, it seemed clear that the little fellow would be okay and could now continue his normal adolescent crow development.

Stickers now comes around and "talks" to me, letting me know when the "Crow Dish" is empty or criticizing my gardening techniques.... 

Macha too was released back to the wild and for a week she followed Stickers and his parents around.  She then disappeared.  Perhaps she found her own family again.... 

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