Over 30 years ago, in the living room of a small mountain cabin, an album of pagan songs was written and recorded by 2 sisters - Linde and Lora Craig.  Their  equipment consisted of a single mic and a layman's recorder.  Their creativity was often fuelled by nachos and margaritas.  But they sure had a good time!

Here are a couple of the songs from the album. It's for fun... not for sale.  So click on the titles to hear them and, if you like any, feel free to save them on your computer and share them with others. 



Midnight Celebration

The Old Ways


One of these days, I'll  get around to adding the other songs on the album...



**Something You Should Know**

The talent behind this music is my baby sister - Linde Craig-Moore.  
That's mostly Her voice you hear.  These are Her melodies and Her clever fingers playing all the instruments (even though she can't read a note of music!)  

What I contributed in the way of lyrics or ideas regarding harmonies and instrumentation was brought to life by her genius.  (Picture me jumping around the room waving my arms yelling, "I think we need really strong drums coming in here" (me, who has absolutely no sense of rhythm saying this!) or "Can you do a sort of 'a cappella', mysterious voice thingy without words in the middle of that?" - and Sis shaking her head and laughing or plugging her ears and groaning as I try to demonstrate.  And then she comes out with something 10 times better than I was even hearing in my head.  How'd she do that?  I try to pretend that's what I meant all along.... 

Just one of the reasons that my sis is one of the most amazing women I've ever met!  Here's to you, sis!  You make all things Possible!



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