For Two Who Would Wed:

Let them go to a meadow before the harvest and each gather as much live hay as their left hand can hold.  Each person weaves their stalks into a figure to represent his or her self.  Bind the figures together with golden grass and knot it.  Set the images in the ground and cover them, hiding the spot with grass. Then face each other and say:

We are grown, gathered & bound
And the binding is well.
We are fixed at the hip & hand & head & heel. 
We are planted in the land forever to wheel
As earth & sun are wound on a golden reel,
As the ripening grasses stand & pale & fall.
So Mote It Be.”

To Enchant a Ring for Marrying

Get a common ring, plain, gold colored to fit your ring finger.  Drop it in a pan filled with half wine, half pure water, one oak leaf, one willow, two bay, 2 lemon grass and your lover’s name written on silver paper.  Put this in a sunny window till the crescent moon turns full.  Then rub the ring with Come to Me oil and wear it around your neck, hidden, and tell not a soul.

Rue in medieval folklore, attracted the right mate or lover and protected against the wrong choice.

In this hectic world, it is easy for married couples t o become distracted by deadlines, bills, and daily demands so that the romantic side of the partnership suffers.  Here is a Potion to Bring the “Spice" back into your Marriage:  

Love Potion:

Add to red wine, 1 teaspoon of each: 

Rosemary, Anise, Clove,  honey, Orange rind, ground Cumin, And 3 green leaves from a rose geranium.

Bring to a simmer and stir deosil while counting to 91.  Cool til the brew stops steaming, then strain.  When the time comes, warm the potion and give to the one whose love you would sweeten and warm.  It is said that this Shall not fail unless performed by one  whose heart & household keep slatternly habits.   


A bundle of yarrow hung over the bed is said to keep a couple devoted to each other for 7 years.  

              (no, I don’t know what happens after that!)


Some old spells I have collected because they appealed 
to my (admittedly warped) humor.  This is one:

If your husband is not as ardent as you’d like, put a pine cone under his pillow.  Turkey bones are another old favorite for this.    
(No Wonder he’ll move over to your side of the bed!)  

Here is another that left me rolling on the floor laughing (though I dare say, 
it would work!)

Witch’s Brew To be rid of an Unwanted Lover:

3/4 cup of 3 day old coffee

1 tsp garlic and 1 tsp onion

4 wings from flies

1 tsp fine dirt (graveyard dust would be best)

3/4  cup sauerkraut juice

1 tsp ammonia

Bring to a boil, then pour into a small vial.  Sprinkle a few drops into their hair without them being aware (Good Luck!) .  Anoint your own wrists and direct them toward him, palms up, projecting your intent at the same time.

(I can picture the poor person running like hell, holding their nose with one hand and shredding your phone number with the other!) 

In a more serious vein:

To Destroy an Unwanted Love

Take some of your hair and some of theirs, two thin slices of lemon rind and place in a small bottle of vinegar.  Write these words on paper:

“Your love will perish  
and quickly depart  
from thy head  
and from thy heart,  
from thy eyes  
and from thy hands;  
Let me be (person’s name)  
Go you hence,  
Trouble me no more.”

Place the paper in the bottle also, seal & freeze!  

Aphrodisiac After-Bath

This is a very specific formula.  It is for a single person on the prowl before, say, going to a party or other place where you might meet “someone special”.  Note that the rue in the recipe helps protect against those moments of terrible judgment that could make you hate yourself the next morning!  (However, there is nothing in this formula that will protect you against AIDs )

1 part orange oil  
1 part patchouli oil  
6 parts alcohol (like ever clear or vodka)  
a few leaves of rue.  

  Rub on like a perfume after your bath ...

Roses & Romance Potpourri:  

Take a big beautiful bowl.  Line it with a lace doily that spills over the sides.  Then fill it with this potpourri.  The recipe dates back to the Victorian era and the fragrance lasts and lasts....(recipe coming)

For Psychic Dreaming:  

On the first night of the full moon, combine Mugwort, Patchouli, Cedar shavings, Oak Moss, ground Cardamom  and Lavender.  Lace them with oil of Patchouli, Wisteria, Lemon Grass and Sandalwood. 
our the mixture in a glass jar or bowl along with a small cleansed crystal  and cover it. The jar should be set outside where it can catch the moon's rays.  Be sure to bring it in again before the sun comes up. Do this for 3 nights in a row.  
Use the mixture (crystal included) to stuff a small pillow case made of muslin. This can then be inserted into a cover made of black, deep blue or purple velvet.  Trim the pillow with fringe or tassels and, if you wish, embroider a pentagram, crescent moon, small stars or runes on it.
his Magick Pillow may be placed by your regular one on a night when you wish to have a Psychic dream. Be sure to keep a journal and pen next to your bed along with a candle or oil lamp to record the visions that will come.


Herb pillows are also wonderful for people in hospitals who,  because of unfamiliar surroundings, lights and noise, often have trouble getting the rest they need to recover. (Just make sure the person isn't an "allergy" type!)  Sleep Pillows also work great at home.

Sleep Pillow

2 parts hops
1/2 part Eucalyptus
1 part meadowsweet
1 part woodruff
1 part crushed cloves
1 part crushed orange peel
1 part orris root
a bit of sweet orange oil

Lavender Sleep Pillow

(Lavender was often used by Victorian ladies to relieve headaches. 
Lemon Balm  has an exceptionally soothing fragrance that also helps depression.
 Rosemary guards against evil spirits and nightmares.)

2 parts lavender
1/2 part crumpled bay leaves
1 part lemon thyme
1 part rosemary
1 lpart lemon balm
1 part orris
some lavender oil

To Scent Clothes and Linens

Louis XIV of France had his shirts soaked in decoction of cloves, marjoram, lavender and rosemary simmered in rose water.

One simple way to scent your clothing is to make little sachet bags. Cut a round piece of fabric at least 6 inches in diameter; lay your mixture in the center and gather up the edges.  Tie the "neck" with a pretty piece of ribbon being sure to include a loop to hang the sachet over the hook of a clothes hanger.  
A Sachet for Ritual Robes 
(using herbs for power, protection and to enhance psychic abilities):

3 parts Sandalwood
1 part cinnamon
1 part myrrh
1 part frankincense
1 part clove
2 parts orris

carnation oil & a bit of lemon grass oil


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