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“The milk of unicorns and panther’s breath gathered in bags and mixed with Cretan wines;  our drink shall be prepared gold and amber.”

From “Volpane” By Benjamin Johnson


A Note
Concerning the Magical Properties 
of Herbs & Oils

Any witch worth her eye of newt (or who has read Scott Cunningham's books) realizes that different herbs are magically good for various things.  Cunningham's books are excellent - but to learn a bit about herbal magick that you probably won't find elsewhere, CLICK HERE


Moon Incense

Grind to powder 1 part sandalwood & 1 part cedar shavings.  Add 3 parts cedar oil, 1 part sandalwood and a few drops of camphor oil. These oils in these proportions also make Moon Oil.  

(modern witches do use blenders!)  


Elf Fire Incense  

3 parts musk crystal  
4 parts dittany of crete
6 parts cinnamon

3 parts dragon’s blood
4 parts frankincense  
1 part cardamom  

    Mystic Rites  
(a Power Incense)  

4 parts cinnamon
2 parts patchouli 
3 parts oakmoss  
1/2 part St. Johnswort 
1/2 part galangal  

3 parts mistletoe  
3 parts deerstongue 
1 part dragons blood  

1 part allspice  
1 part clove  
3 parts lavender  

 Moisten with 1 part wine, 1 part honey, a bit of orange blossom oil, about twice as much as that of sweet pea oil, and double that amount again for the sandalwood oil, the lavender oil and the patchouli oil.


To Keep a Thing Hid:  
When the moon conjuncts the sun, fume the hiding place with:
Coriander, saffron, henbane, smallage and black poppy seed.
No one will find it.

Note: use only a small amount of henbane – the fumes are poisonous.


 Come To Me









Note: When making a magical oil, if you don't have one of the ingredients as an oil, simply stuff some of the herb into the bottle and let it sit for a few days.
To make this formula into an incense, just combine the ingredients in whatever form you have on hand.  For instance: Rose petals, vetivert, bay leaves and patchouli herb and add the rest of the ingredients as oils....

Holy Papyrus Incense

On a full moon, combine 1/2 part honey  with 1 part raisins that have been soaked for a few days in  brandy or wine and then drained and mashed.  In a small bottle, combine 1 part cinnamon oil, 2 parts myrrh oil and 2 parts mimosa oil and add this to the raisins and honey.  Mash it up.
ombine: 1 part cinnamon, 3 parts powdered sandalwood, 1/4 part cardamom powdered, 1 part frankincense, 1 part balm of gilead (ground in a mortar & pestle, best you can), 1 part khus khus (vetivert).
dd the moist ingredients to the dry.  You should have a mixture that is just slightly damp, but not wet.  Put it in a jar with the lid on and let it sit until the next full moon, stirring it every few days.

Oil for Dreaming True
Combine olive oil, anise, cinnamon and nutmeg oils.  
Heat till warm and apply to the forehead and temples.


To Destroy an Enemy's Power to Harm You
Combine 4 parts patchouli, 4 parts ague weed, 2 parts myrrh,
 4 parts frankincense, 4 parts betony and 1 part salt peter.  
Burn like incense on a block of charcoal while saying:  
"Burn incense, burn.  Consume the curse which is upon me.  
Turn incense, turn. Send the evil back from whence it comes."

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