The Magickal Art
Crazy Quilting

Two Examples of  what you can do...
he picture above is of a Tarot Bag I made for my 14 year old daughter. (It's getting a little beat up - she takes it to school with her in her backpack and gives readings during lunch in the cafeteria.)
Within the netting in the center is contained a charged crystal.  The button sewn onto the black background displays the Pentagram.    A gold cord was sewn into one side and it ties around the top to hold the bag closed.

To the right is the reverse side of the same bag.

Below is a picture of my very first Crazy quilt project  -a Dream Pillow.  The moon  in the lower right holds netting that encases a crystal that was magically charged beneath the full moon to bring visions and dreams.  The pillow itself was then stuffed with herbs. (By the way: the cats love it!  You can see where, over the years, they've almost succeeded in chewing the tassels off!)

Other Ideas...
Since then, I have found many ways to utilize this fun Craft. Besides Dream Pillows and Tarot Bags, it can be used to make little protective sachets to hang from door knobs, to enchant your wardrobe (hang a sachet bag of magickal herbs in your closet to infuse your garments with power) or to create a wonderful and unique altar cloth!  
One ambitious friend created the most fantastic magical cloak that fell all the way to her ankles.  Dozens of lace and netting "pockets" were included throughout the design to hold charms, crystals and tiny parchment scrolls.  I almost fell over in a proper Victorian faint when I saw it - It was that beautiful!

How do you do it?

Begin by gathering scraps of velvet, silks, satins, brocades and bits of old lace.  These are readily and cheaply available if you're a thrift shop or garage sale addict!  

I use the sewing machine to stitch my fabrics together.  There are other methods, but this one is fast and easy!  Start with a piece of material  a bit larger than the size you want your finished piece to be. (I often use a cut up old sheet for this) Besides sewing your pieces of fabric to each other, you will also, at the same time, be attaching them to this foundation piece.  

One normally doesn't use a pattern, but here are a couple to give you the idea:

Start with the piece in the middle (#1) and place the 2nd piece on top - wrong sides together.  Stitch the side where they will join, (sewing also through your foundation piece) then flip #2 over into place so it is right side up. 
Lay #3 over 1 & 2 (again, wrong sides together) and stitch along the seam where it will join them.  Then flip #3 back so its right side up and smooth it into place.

By now your getting the idea?  It really sounds more complicated than it is!


The only time it ever gets hard is when you are doing a project free-form and you work yourself into a corner where you have to sew 2 sides of a piece. I hate it when that happens!  I always end up with my fabric puckered.
However, you can cover up booboos like this later with embroidery or by appliquéing a bit of lace or a doily over it. 

 Try to use contrasting colors and textures - yellow against blue, dark and  light, silk next to velvet and so forth.  Let your eye guide you.

 Now for the Fun part!

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