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When all your pieces are sewn into place, but before you assemble the bag, pillow or whatever that your making - the really fun part begins!  This is where you embroider along the seams, add lace, charms, ribbons, beads... You can embroider runes, stars, moons, suns, shimmering spider webs.  

All you really need to know is a few basic embroidery stitches.  If you've never embroidered before, I suggest a few practice runs on a spare piece of fabric.  And remember, if you do mess up - you can always remove the stitch and take another stab at it!  You needn't start your whole project over from scratch.

Close up of my current  project...yes, another Tarot Bag.

Below are some links to other sites where you can learn more or even purchase materials for your own projects.

Victorian Pleasures A wonderful source for supplies at good prices!  Their "FreeBee" section has  instructions for those basic embroidery stitches I mentioned!

  When you're ready to "dress up" your creation - try this place.  One of a kind antique embellishments and vintage trims. 

Pepperel Pepper Patch Works

has unique beads, charms & notions as well as threads and ribbons and kits.


For Fun & Learning at the same time, DO pay a visit to Mrs. Meanie!!  She's hysterical!
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