"I saw an act of Faith today -
a man was on his knees;
Not in a pew or in a church,
but in a garden planting seeds."


To Protect a Garden from Pests  

Mix in a vessel of rusted iron: oils of camphor, wintergreen, spearmint, and clove, 1 tsp of blood and one glass of wine.  Pour around the garden; then make a white flag with these words written in red: 

Nepenthe, Nepenthe

Distine, Defende  


Hang the flag on a pole in the garden.


If Someone Trespasses find his footprint and drive a nail through it.  He will never return.  

  To Determine a Coming Storm

Tie nine feet of stout cord or string to a thunderstone.  Then take this to an open area out of doors and swing the stone around your head.  Increase the velocity of the stone until you hear it whine.  If there is a sound, it means a storm is coming.  This spell may take practice to acquire mastery.  


Potion to Relieve Spring Fever:  Combine sassafras tea with a teaspoon of lemon juice.  Two cups of this brew should be drunk.


To Receive Nature’s Aid:  

In the Spring, make an amulet and inside put fine dirt.  Wear this about your neck.  Wear a loose, flowing robe of green.  Do not bind up your hair, wear shoes or any kind of cosmetic or artificial scent.  Take a small tree you have purchased or some seeds and go to a large open field.  Carry a large container of water with you and water some of the flowers in the field.  Then plant the tree or seeds, water them and say:

I feel power all around me –

The great movement of the universe.

And I see the mighty and the miniature

Miracles about me.  

Then I must also feel and see

The insignificance of human frame

And the limits of my power.

Yet I see my place among the

Flowers and the creatures of the field.

And so I kneel in obedience

And give myself to you.  


Then lie flat in the clearing and after a period of meditation, arise and put a mark of dust upon your forehead.  Find three leaves and put them in your hair.  Sleep that night with the window open.  Good favor should be gained.  

  Against Weeds

Under a waning moon, break one leaf from the garden’s tallest weed; crush it with your teeth; spit it out on the soil and say:

“Malum Despo

Hostem Venemo

Caedo Caedo”

  Cut the stalk off with a silver knife; spread a handful of salt above the hidden root.  All the garden bears witness to this curse and all weeds will withdraw.  


    To Dismiss Winter’s Greens:  

All trees or boughs that have been cut and kept for luck within the house must not be cast away or scorned, but gravely burned to dust at last; chop them fine; give them flame; offer this rhyme:

Forgive our fire, faithful tree  
Warm us now, who have warmed thee.”

In our home, a large portion of the trunk from each year's Yule tree is always saved to become the following year's Yule log.  It is then gaily decorated by the children with ribbons and dried flowers and burned with great ceremony upon the Solstice.  The fragrant pine needles are also stripped and saved for potpourri and incense. 

To Converse with a Snake

Speak to the serpent with his voice in the language of his race  slow and sliding, softly chiding, sweet and gliding, sly and confiding:
Sitsip Ptisli  
Tslsil Tlissa  
Say it gazing in his eyes; His subtle tongue will make you wise. 



These spells are recorded in my Book as passed on by my High Priestess, but I believe she got several of them from "The Crone’s Book of Words."


A Spell to Summon Fairies

Sit where the Cat Sits.
Cross your toes.
Close your eyes and smell a rose.
Then say under your breath:
"I believe in fairies,
sure as death."
Gadflykins! Gladtrypins!
Gutterpuss and Cass!
Come to me fairily
Each lad and Lass! 

...from Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book


Edgar Allen Crow

A Page For Crow Lovers – this is his story along with some first-hand tips on caring for a baby crow.  


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