To Write on a Window:

Darkness lies  
Where it is born,  
But Sun flies  
To light this room.

(Use clear  or iridescent fingernail polish to draw a small pentacle on each window)

    Over A Doorway:

Who comes to me I keep,  
Who goes from me I free,  
Yet against all I stand  
Who carry not my key.



Door Handle Sachets  

A sweet, old fashioned touch throughout the home, door handle sachets can magically charge the entrance to each room. For instance:
A Protective Sachet may be hung on all doors entering the house: make a small bag, about 3 inches by 5, tied with a loop that will allow it to hang from the door knob.  You can get as fancy or as plain as you like with it, matching it to the decor of your home.  
Then, fill it with Bay leaves (a wonderful protection
herb!), Angelica (another powerful protection) powdered clove (helps ward against illness entering the home and also acts as a catalyst to the other herbs), Benzoin (a "power herb that  helps to focus the other herbs) Borage (to help uncover any dishonest intentions) and St. Johnswort which will help reverse any negativity and also aids in quelling arguments & animosity. 
Moisten the whole with Gardenia oil for peace & harmony. 

(for more on this subject go to
"The Magical Properties of Herbs")

  Herb Bundles for the Fireplace

Through Summer and Autumn when you harvest & dry bunches of herbs from your garden jar up the leaves but also save the stems! Lavender, Sage, Lemon Verbena, Bay, Oregano the whole lot. Then tie them in bundles with raffia or ribbon and keep in a basket next to the fireplace. They make wonderful, fragrant fire starters.

Do you see those interesting looking bottles arranged in a quaint little cupboard? If you click on the bottles, you will discover: 

Simple Scents and 
Magical Aromatherapy 
for the Home 

A House Blessing Potpourri:

Sitting by the front door is a huge bowl of fragrant potpourri.  No one has to know its magically charged & filled with special herbs to bring love, prosperity and protection to the home's inhabitants!

  To make a Magical  Potpourri:

When the moon is waxing and in Cancer or your 4th house, Crush some tonka beans in your mortar & pestle along with some frankincense saying:
                                                                This is for prosperity.

our this out into a large bowl.  Next, take a handful of dried bay leaves and crumple them in your hands letting them fall through your fingers into the bowl saying: 

Bay protects from adversity.

In the same manner, add the other herbs: 

Lavender lends integrity, 

and roses for sincerity, 

a bit of spice brings energy, 

patchouli adds some mystery 

and for the Lady - rosemary.

Mix it all up with your hands letting the herbs and flowers flow through your fingers, all the while envisioning a glowing light emanating from the bowl and spreading throughout the house. Sprinkle the whole with oil of roses.  Then pour it in a jar and close it up.  Leave it there for one moon cycle, stirring the mixture daily. Then, pour it into a large basket or bowl, decorate the top with gilded pinecones, whole dried roses and, if you wish, a few charms & quartz crystals and set it near the front door. 



Magickal Crazy Quilting:   

A fun thing to  do on a cold winter night is to curl up before the fireplace where,  surrounded  by piles of delicate old lace, jewel-toned velvets and an assortment of tiny glittering charms & crystals, you can quietly stitch a bit of Magick...  Remember the scene in Dion Fortune's classic book "Moon Magic"?  
This is a tarot bag I made for my daughter.  For more on this enchanting and whimsical witch-craft, click
Here or on the picture to the left. 

On a small shawl covered table in the corner lies an old book.  Dog-eared corners of photographs poke out at odd angles from between the pages. 
    This is my
In it, you will find a page telling a bit about me...

A nearby shelf of books includes a slim volume of my very modest attempts at Poetry ... 
You will also find a wonderful set of Sir James Frazier's Golden Bough containing a wealth of pagan knowledge.  You're invited to pull up a comfy chair and read to your heart's content!



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