Litha Crafts

Make An Offering Altar for the Fairies

Mix up some cement according to instructions on package. Get a cheap plastic drip pan - the kind you use for houseplants. Fill it with cement and let dry a little bit.  Once it starts to "set up", press pretty things into it like fern leaves, polished stones, pieces of a broken china plate, bits of old broken jewelry...  Look around the house and use your imagination!  Try to set all these bits in deeply enough so that the surface is fairly level.

Afterward, be sure to wash your hands.

When the cement is hard (this may take a few days), peel it out of the plastic and find a place to set it out for the fairies - either in the garden or a balcony or even in the middle of a cluster of houseplants.

This will be your little altar for when you want to leave notes or offerings to the nature spirits.


Here's a Litha picture for you to color:
It's called "Sun Magick" by Linde Craig-Moore, Lora's little sister.

Click on the picture below to print out the full sized image.


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