Lughnasadh Crafts

for Young Pagans

The days of late July and early August are known as “The Dog Days of Summer” – named for the Dog Star, Sirius.  Ancient people of various cultures all over the world believed that the Sirius was a special power point in the universe and a “star gate” to other worlds.  During the Dog Days, Sirius is up in the sky right next to the sun and the weather is particularly hot – perfect for making a …

 Magic Dog Days Candle

 Take a long taper candle in a color that you feel represents You.  (Your favorite color usually works very well)  With a bit of melted wax, stick the candle upright in the middle of an aluminum pie pan. Then, surround the candle with a tight circle of 6 more upright tapers. These candles should be in colors you think of when you think of the sun and summer – perhaps white, yellow, orange and red. 

Around noon, when the sun and the Sirius are high in the sky, take the aluminum pie pan of candles outside. (You’ll be here a while, so put on some sun block!)

Use your magical imagination to see the strength and power of the sun’s rays and the Dog Star pouring into the candles.  As the wax warms and softens under the sun’s heat, gently and patiently, bend the candles, wrapping and weaving them around each other and the center candle representing you.  If it’s really hot out and some of the wax is melting too fast, use a little water to cool it a bit.

Keep wrapping and bending and visualizing until, instead of 7 individual taper candles, you have something that looks like one big, twisty candle.  Imagine this candle glowing all over with nuclear (sun) energy and the powers of the Dog Star.  Then, clap your hands over it three times and seal the spell with the words: “So Mote It Be!”

Take your Dog Days Candle inside and store it in a cool place.

How to use your Dog Days Candle:

  We all have days when we don’t feel very strong.  Maybe we’re coming down with a cold or maybe we have to stand up to someone who scares us a little.  When you are having a day like this, it’s a good time to take out your “Dog Days Candle” and let it burn a bit.  (Be sure let your parents know and get their permission first!)  Sit with the candle and, as it burns, imagine the solar star power in it pouring back into you until you are filled with the energy of your Dog Days Spell.  Then gently blow out the candle until the next time you need it.

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