Mabon Crafts

Apple Candle Holders for Mabon

 Take two bright red apples that are the same size and will sit up nice and straight.  Polish them with a soft cloth so they’re shiny.  With an apple corer, hollow outa hole in the top of the apple (the stem end) about an inch deep and as wide as your candles.  Then, into the hole, place a sprig of rosemary and two soft, grey leaves of Lambsear  (a type of plant).  Insert a candle that’s about 6 inches tall in each apple. (This will also help anchor the herbs in place)  POOF!  You’re done – and it should look like this:


Fun Ideas With Corn

 - Put some popcorn kernels in a cheap sandwich baggie (not the good freezer kind.  You want some air to get in) and add a handful of dirt and a little water.  Then tape the baggie onto a window.  In about a week or so you’ll see the corn start growing!

 You can also have fun with Indian corn - the dried, multicolored type you that you see in stores now: 

- Put an ear of Indian corn in a dish of water. Keep the water level up and, in time, you will see all these little sprouts come up along the ear. 

- Put a whole cob of Indian Corn into a brown paper lunch bag and fold the end of the bag over to seal it.  Put it in a microwave and, alongside, place a small dish of water.  (this is so the bag doesn’t burn)  Microwave it on high for 3 – 5 minutes and Guess What?  You’ll have popcorn on the cob!  Yum!

Leaves are already falling from the trees in many areas and, if you grab them in a hurry, they will still be soft and pliable. So right now is a great time to use them to create fun and interesting art projects.

Go for a walk and gather some leaves. Try and find ones that are different from each other.  You can make many kinds of artwork, from place mats for your Mabon feast, prints to frame or a ....

Leaf Print Tablecloth

Here is what you will need for your project:

Leaves - all sorts

Paints - different colors


A white disposable paper tablecloth (You can find these at dollar stores, drug stores etc)

Take a leaf, paint one side of it with any color paint, or even paint a rainbow on it. Then turn the painted side over and press it carefully on to the tablecloth . Do this several times with different leaves until you have filled up your tablecloth with all sorts of lovely colors. 

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