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Elsie & Pooka - Sabbat Books for Young Pagans

are unavailable until we find a new publisher.  

Each book contains Pooka stories, coloring pages, crafts, recipes, herbal lore, spells & magick for children - all centered on the sabbat....  A wonderful way to make the pagan holidays special and meaningful for your child.

$19.95 per book       

Samhain Book

Yule Book
Imbolc Book
Ostara Book

Note: the last 3 books, Litha, Lughnasadh & Mabon, have stories that are missing. My publishers at 7th House say they cannot correct their error until the books go into a 2nd printing.  Meanwhile, these books are being sold at a reduced price and you will be sent a pdf. to print out of the missing stories.

Beltane Book



Litha Book

Lughnasadh Book

Mabon Book


Elsie & Pooka Coloring Books

Instead of hard copies, these books  are being offered as pdf. files so that you can print them out for your child as many times as you like…much cheaper and more practical for you – especially if you have more than one child!

The price for both books is $5 – just $2.50 a piece and no shipping costs since they’ll be e-mailed! 
Now isn’t that


Elsie & Pooka's Market is temporarily CLOSED.
 Paper Dolls & Magnet Dolls

The Elsie & Pooka set has a separate outfit for each sabbat. Pagan Nathan has everything a pagan boy needs. Kids love adding them to their altar decorations or acting out the theme for that particular holiday.  The dolls offer a wonderful opportunity for parents to discuss their celebrations and traditions with youngsters.
Both paper and magnet  versions (shown here) are pretty much identical.  Each set comes with an altar and lots of accessories to entice your child's imagination.  
The magnet dolls also adhere to any cookie sheet . Perfect for "rainy days" and Road Trips...

Elsie & Pooka Paper Doll Set:  $8.99


Elsie & Pooka Magnet Doll Set:  $14.99

Pagan Nathan Paper Doll Set: $7.99

  Pagan Nathan Magnet Doll Set: $12.99


 " Cat & Crow"

Book of Shadows
Divider Set
(for grownups)

Measuring 8 1/2 x 11 inches and printed on antiqued parchment, this 5 page set will lend beauty and distinction to any Book of Shadows.  A perfect gift for the well-organized witch!

$19 for the complete set


Home Blessing Magnet
4"x 5"
A sweet, decorative addition and a positive affirmation  to the refrigerator in your kitchen, the "heart & hearth" of your home ...  $5.-


Unique Pagan Window Decals
for home or car

"Pooka" decal and 
"Magic Follows" decal  

(2 for the price of 1)

Perfect for car or kids' rooms!
Both are on a single sheet measuring 4 x 5.  



Note:  watermark does NOT appear on the decal itself

"Ancient Path" decal

Imagine this lovely declaration in your window with the sunlight shining through to illuminate it! 

large (8x10) - $7.50      


small (4 x 5) - $4.99      


"Herb Garden" decal

Are you a "Garden Witch"?  This decal will let friends and family arriving at your front door know where to find you!


large (8x10) - $7.50     

small (4 x 5) - $4.99

  Pagan Greeting Cards for All Occasions
(Too many to display here so they're listed on a Separate Page.  
Please click the picture link below...)


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