Pictures of Pooka
& Edgar 
& Thistle
(well, sort of...)

Did you think Pooka was just a cat in a story that someone made up?  
No, Pooka is a real kitty.  
He helps "supervise" the creating of each issue of the Pooka Pages, answers e-mails, poses for drawings and helps L.C. with her magic.  
He also gets in trouble a lot!  Most of the stories you read are inspired by his real adventures.

Pooka studies hard at his lessons.
Here he is at the hearth practicing Fire Magic.

What does he see? 

A rare moment when Pooka was actually behaving himself!


Here he is after a hard day at work helping to write the Pooka Pages.
You can see he's exhausted!


... helping L.C. do a tarot reading.

Edgar the Crow

As you can see - Pooka's friend, Edgar, is real also!
In this picture, taken in the herb room, he was still just a baby.


Is Edgar doing Magic Mirror work?   Or is he just admiring how handsome he is?


Thistle the Fairy

Pooka and his friends watching Thistle's antics in the garden.

(I tried to get some photos of Thistle for you, but she does NOT like cameras!)


Back to work - Pooka proof reads the latest story...



...and he insisted we add a photo of his mommy.  She's a Very Magical Cat too!

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