Recommended for kids roughly ages 6 through adult. 

Elsie learned these from her Granny Witch a long time ago.  Some of them seem to be a variation of traditional runes while others...who knows?  But they seem to be easier for young people to learn and they are a surprisingly accurate method of divination.

Paint the symbols on smooth pebbles.  Then, using a stick or your athame, draw three concentric rings in the ground
(You can also paint the rings on a cloth that you then lay out to cast the runes onto.  The cloth can then be gathered and tied into a sack to hold the stones when not in use.)

Hold the stones in both hands over the circles, high enough so that when they fall, they scatter.

Stones coming to rest in the outer circle represent the far, still developing future or people or events slightly influencing the situation.  The middle ring represents a more immediate influence or thing about to happen, while the center ring is Right Now and the situation at hand.   

The Stones & Their Meanings:

Man - any male any age

Woman - any female any age

Love - including friendship, family, romantic, pets or things one has a strong attachment toward.

Family - or Clan.  This can also represent a group of friends or club that you belong to.

Gifts - presents, things other people "give" you.  It can be material or otherwise as in a new bike or the "gift" of their time.

Money -  cash or something you've earned

Possessions - your "stuff"

Poison - gossip, slander, bad vibes, negativity.   Yucky stuff !

Confusion - disordered thoughts,  not thinking straight, not understanding something

War - any conflict, fights or quarrels

Endings - you get that one don't you?  When a situation or something is over and ended.

Comfort - Warm fuzzies.  Nice things.  What makes you feel good, happy and relaxed.

Fire - this stone gives lots of energy to the other stones it's close to. It can also mean this is something you're very excited about or very angry about or care about passionately.



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