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Ostara Egg Holders

Right click and save the pictures below on your computer and then print them out.  After that, color the pictures  (Colored pencils or watercolor paints look nice.) and then, cut them out.   Cut a cardboard tube left over from a roll of toilet paper into 1-inch rings.  Next, glue the colored decorations around the rings.  When they're dry, use them as a bases to hold  Ostara egg so they stand up.


An Egg Full of Blessings Spell
(Right click on the picture below and save it on your computer.  Then you can print it out and color it!)

The egg is a special pagan symbol of spring & rebirth.  The little yellow round yolk represents the sun.  The white that surrounds the yolk symbolizes the moon.  And the shell is the winter ice cracking and thawing to reveal new life all around us.

 Take a raw egg and dye it a pretty color.   When this is dry, you can also go back and paint magic symbols on it. 

Next, use a spoon or knife to crack a bit off each end of the egg and dump out the contents (the raw egg part).  et the it on a windowsill where the moon will shine on it at night and the sun will find it in the morning.

The next day, when the inside of the egg is dry and it’s seen both moonshine and sunshine, tape up one end of the egg.  Use the hole on the other side to fill your egg with lavender, glitter and confetti. Afterward, tape up that end of the egg as well.

On Ostara, take your egg, shout “Blessed Be!” and smash it on someone’s head so that the shell cracks and the egg’s blessings rain down on them.  Make a bunch of eggs and bless lots of people.  You can even bless yourself!

Better do your blessings outside though.  This is a pretty messy spell!

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