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Whenever I find a great source for pagan kids and their parents, I canít wait to share it...  
If YOU know of one, please let me know?  

Just e-mail: pookachild@hotmail.com




The Cauldron  A new website by Rayne Storm is brimming with wonderful pagan projects for kids!  

The projects are designed for kids to do with minimal adult supervision - but are so fun and interesting, you'll have a hard time resisting getting involved!

Pooka's Favorite Part?  Wonderful cover art and illustrated pages you can print out to help your little one create their very first Book of Shadows!  Rayne has totally outdone herself here!  

This is a growing site with more added every time I take a peek...  

The links below are checked frequently.  If a site disappears, it's link is removed.  So, unfortunately, this is a short list.


Pagan Moonbeams Magazine   Primarily written for kids and young teens, but itís crammed full of great stuff for pagans of all ages.  And, like the Pooka Pages, itís FREE.   

Gingerbread Grandma's Cauldron 
A wonderful website filled with fun, family-oriented activities for Pagan parents and their children.  Grandma has created a great collection of pages for each sabbat.  The site isn't updated very often, but there's plenty there for you and your little pagans.

 Proud to be Pagan Kids  has tons of chants, songs, crafts, recipes and rituals for witchletts.  You're definitely going to want to bookmark this site!  And, while you're there, go to their main page and see all the excellent things for adult pagans. 

Spiral Scouts - is a program for girls and boys of all faiths that teaches respect for the Earth, respect for each other, and respect for all living things. "We make crafts, sing songs, teach woodland lore, participate in service projects, explore cultures outside of our own, celebrate the Earth, teach good citizenship, go camping and hiking, explore mythologies..."
Click on the link to learn more and to find a group in your area!

Hearth & Home Witchery  A lovely site for Pagan Parents.   Highly Recommended!

Read Liz La Posta's articles on Pagan Parenting

Chanting with Children
Four Keys of Pagan Parenting


Pooka's Favorite Places To Shop

My Mystic Grove is a wonderful on-line shop with tons of goodies ranging from practical to whimsical and just plain fun!   Give your self the gift of a few moments wrapped in a big smile as you browse  - and, if you decided there's something you just MUST have, remember that they ship for FREE!

Magicalomaha is the online shop for "The Next Millennium", a 14-year-old brick & mortar store located in Omaha, Nebraska.   They have tons of great stuff that will leave you drooling - including adorable "Pooka" keychains, boxes, bland Book of Shadows and more by Nemesis Now. (Okay, maybe the artists at Nemesis didn't know they were sculpting Pooka, but one look at the little black cat in the big pointed hat will convince you - it's POOKA!

Luna Wolf's Mystical Essence - Wonderful items, many of them handcrafted, to pamper both you & your kids by a WAH pagan mom. 

Ancient Light
  is a brick and mortar shop in Oregon, but they also have an on-line shop  for Pagan Families...  tons of stuff for wee witchlings as well as their parents

This is the best "stick" incense in the world!  (and no bamboo cores to mess up and dilute the fragrance)  Elsie combs the local market places for their booth and, when she finds them, believe me, she stocks up.  Good News!  They are now On-Line and you can order from where ever you are.  
Their lavender incense will fill your home the scent of true lavender.  Christmas Tree will transport you to the middle of the forest...perfect for Pan or Cernnunos rituals.  Cedar/Sage is wonderful for cleansing the spirit and circle casting.


Pooka's Favorite Place of All

A "No Kill - No Cage" lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center.

See the YouTube video !
It will put a smile on your face just knowing that such a wonderful place exists.


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