Imbolc Crafts

Imbolc is also known by the pretty name of Candlemas and is often celebrated with the making and blessing of candles. 

If you have saved and pressed flowers, leaves and ferns during the Spring and Summer, you can help by making an extra special candle to burn during your festival.

You will need:

A pillar candle              
Pressed flowers and leaves

White glue
An old paintbrush
A little melted white wax or paraffin from the "canning isle" of the grocery store

Use the paintbrush to dab some glue on the back of the leaves and flowers and then position them where you want them onto the candle.  Wash the paintbrush and let everything dry while a grownup melts the wax for you.

Then, dip the paintbrush into the melted wax and brush it over the leaves and flowers to seal them.  You may want to apply a few coats of wax, letting each coat dry before you add the next one.

If a leaf or stem tries to pop up away from the candle, just dab some wax underneath it and press it back down, then seal it on top quickly.  Soon you will have a beautiful candle for Imbolc.  But be prepared – this is so much fun, you might want to make several!  Perhaps some for gifts?

Make an Imbolc Wand

Imbolc comes at a time that often seems the coldest and wettest of the year.  Yet deep in the ground, Mother Earth is stirring in her sleep and preparing to wake.  The plants in your garden may look dead but many of them too are merely sleeping.  You may want to help them wake up and here’s a way that you can do this: 

Take a straight, slender stick from the yard and break it so that it is about the length from the tip of your middle finger to your elbow.  Paint the stick with white glue and roll it in glitter.  Let that dry.  Then dip the end in glue so about ½ an inch of the tip is covered.

Did you save any tinsel out from Yule?  I hope so - because now you will want to glue the ends of the tinsel to the tip of the stick so that the shiny strands are dangling off the end. When that dries, dab some more glue (yes, More!) onto the tip and tie thin green and gold ribbons there so that their ends hang down about the same length as the tinsel. (The ribbons will help hold the tinsel on and the extra glue will help keep the ribbons from slipping off.)

Then tie little jingle bells to the ends of the ribbon.  If you want, you can paint more ribbon with glue and wind it in a spiral up the length of your stick. 

You now have a Magic Wand to wake up your garden with!  Go around the yard and gently shake your wand at any plants that need to waken. The jingling of the bells and reflecting light off of the tinsel will perk up even the sleepiest flowers – and if you can make a little song to sing to the plants at the same time, that will be even better!  After that, be patient and watchful.  In a few weeks, you will start seeing the first green buds of Spring.

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